Friday, March 20, 2015

You don't know him.

The small boy may have had blond hair and blue eyes. The little girl he played with may have have had the same.
But now it was all a vague memory. Blocked by the years and the regret those same years had caused.
Because she was gone.
Caleb gulped back another shot of whiskey, and grimaced at the burn running down his throat. This was definitely not what his plan had been back then.
After all, what's an older brother for, but to change the outlook? To make sure he gives his sister a good life.
Caleb nodded at the bartender who slid another shot his way. They had a good working relationship.
Don't you think your money could be better spent anywhere else?”
Caleb smiled. He couldn't help it when Fen sassed him like that.
I don't know, this seemed as good a place as any. The people are nice and friendly, and the service ain't half bad.” He gestured around the bar, and then grinned at the petite redhead sitting on the barstool next to him.
When you get drunk your speech suffers.” was all she said.
Thanks for that, Schoolmarm.” Caleb tossed back another shot, and blinked to clear his eyes from the watering after effects of the whiskey.
Okay, I'm cutting you off. Time to go home, Caleb.” She took his arm but he shook her off conscious of the fact that he was frightening her.
Fen hadn't ever seen him this way before, and in spite of the fact she could kill you so many ways you couldn't count them all, these actions coming from a man she thought she knew would be the thing that threw her off.
Caleb blocked her from his mind, breaking the telepathic link that had informed him of her fears.
Fine. I'll come. But you have to drive.” He tossed her the keys, and she caught them deftly.
Probably a good plan since you'd probably kill both of us, and mess up your car.” She helped him through the door, and got him buckled into the passenger seat. “Where do you live?”
It's not like they had a conventional relationship.
Just drive. I'll give you directions.” His voice was starting to slur, and he guessed that was probably bad news. He didn't have a lot of experience.
Someone who tracked people down for a living didn't have much time to sit in bars and drown their sorrows. Even someone who had as many sorrows as Caleb Patel.
It was only a five minute drive from the bar to his home. A small trailer parked near where he'd grown up. Fen knew he'd grown up in the orphanage. It was one of the many things she knew about him. He opened the door and stumbled onto the sidewalk.
Thank you, Fen. I will be good from here on.”
There's no way I'm letting you out of my sight until you're safe in bed.” Fen insisted.
Caleb was insulted, but decided not to show it. “Fine. Help away.”
She put his arm around her shoulders, and Caleb inhaled her scent. Enhanced sense of smell definitely was good for something, and Fen's scent always reminded him of something comfortable. Strange since she wasn't the comfortable type.
She pulled off his boots, and pulled the comforter up around his chin. She didn't show any surprise at the neat interior of his bachelor pad.
You definitely have a lot to sleep off.” She murmured, and ran her hands through his short light brown hair. “Sleep sweet, Caleb.”
He couldn't help the smile that crept over his face, closing his eyes, and imagining her heart stopping smile. The one reserved for only those she trusted.
But it felt like just another punch in the gut. Because she couldn't trust him. Not with all the heart wrenching secrets he knew about her. Not with all the killings she'd been responsible for. Definitely not with the killing she'd been paid to plan this morning.
He slipped off to sleep, listening to her murmured words, and the sub-conscious wanderings of her mind. Thinking of his blond haired sister looking pleadingly at him over the shoulders of the men who'd taken her away from him forever.

Thinking of his designs for restitution.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Character Biographies

Fen Delgado:
Fen was seven when her world was changed forever by the injection of a brand new formula. Now, at age twenty six, in a world torn apart by natural disasters, she is one of a band of people known as Protectors. Paid to keep the world safe.
Fen's abilities are mind reading, mind manipulation, and telepathy. She's a talented Protector and a skilled assassin.
When Fen was growing up, her parents would take in people who wanted a new beginning, thus introducing her to some of the people she still is friends with. Among them, Doug, Caleb, and Deidre.
Once she joined Destination Group's Protectors, she purposely distanced herself from her family, trying to keep them safe from her own dangerous lifestyle. When that fails, and her family is pulled into a dangerous situation, she is angry with herself and those she trusted the most to keep them from harm.

Caleb Patel:
Caleb was ten and living in an orphanage with his little sister, Gwyn, when he was injected with the formula that altered everything he knew. By the time he was thirteen, he was being approached weekly by officials from Destination Group to come work for them. Refusing, he did his best to provide for himself and Gwyn, with tragic results.
Now an adult, he works as a Seeker for Destination Group. His only close friend is Fen, and most people think he would do anything for her.

Brent Dietrich:
Brent is the Grandson of Clara, the CEO of Destination Group as shown in A Sure Design. He became an Operative at the age of twelve, and a Protector at eighteen.
While his twin brother Bain quickly rose through the hierarchy of Destination, Brent remained where he was comfortable, doing ground work few others wanted to do.
A skilled assassin, Brent prefers to ensure a target's comfort before ending their life. He is a gentleman, always courteous, often silent.
Despite his key position of power at Destination, he has his own secrets that prove a danger to Destination, and therefore a target.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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